A week in 3 images

I always manage to come back from a trip with a massive amount of images and can never seem to narrow them down to my favourites. However, I set myself a challenge when I went to Exmoor/Devon recently. I wanted to show the area in 3 images for each aspect. The areas I chose were:

  • Landscape
  • Seascape
  • Wildlife

So here are my images!


Dunkery Beacon

This beautiful landscape is visible from the highest point in Exmoor, Dunkery Beacon. This is a panoramic image of three images. I really like how the path going straight through the middle acts as a really effective leading line. Also, I got stung by a wasp right under my eye just as I was about to walk up this hill, so seeing the final results of this image really lifted my spirits!

The Ram 

This Ram was almost posing for a photo! The white dot against a purple landscape, with the beautiful green fields in the background.

Mother and child

A mother and child against a cloudy sky. These wild ponies where everywhere in Exmoor, and were pretty chilled out about people getting up close and taking images!


These three images require a little less explanation and description than the previous, but all ended up with me getting splashed by the ever increasingly rough sea!

All of these images are long exposures, varying between 1/4 seconds and 3 seconds to get different effects and types of movements.



These series of images would not be complete without paying homage to the beautiful Exmoor Ponies. These amazing animals roam free around the countryside. The following images all belong to the same troop, and were perfectly fine with me getting up close and taking some images.

Thank you very much for reading this blog, if you want to see more images from my trip, be sure to check my gallery on this site, as well as my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samholt67/


Take care!