Golden Hour Portrait Shoot

On the 23rd September 2016, me and my brother carried out a golden hour photoshoot. This was both a way of teaching some more camera techniques as well as creating some really interesting product images and portraits. 

We started out doing some clothing images, for instance my brother here is running wearing a Nike hoodie. I've found by simply tagging or mentioning brands that may not seem important in an image can actually boost how popular my image becomes. This is by no means an advertisement but simply including brands as a way of boosting popularity.

These two images were taken by my brother and edited by me. I wanted these two images as I really enjoy my Billingham Hadley Pro and due to them interacting a lot with me over social media, I felt it would be fun to do some creative product images. Whether or not they want to use the two images, I'm still pleased with the outcome. Also, my brother caught me looking a bit like Terminator, which is a very rare occurrence! 

These two images feature the Peak Design Slide camera strap, which is a fantastic piece if my kit. I was teaching my brother about different lighting techniques, such as backlighting and flares. These were taken in the last 10 minutes of light.

These are my two favourite images from the shoot. Using simple backlighting from the setting sun, me and my brother were able to capture these dramatic portraits of each other. 



The app I used to calculate the time is called Rizon. It's a paid app on the Apple App store, and is very simple, beautiful and extremely handy. It also has a widget in iOS 10, so you can access the time of the golden hour without even unlocking your phone.


Download it here:

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